Product Highlights


Product Highlights

Casino Billboards and Media Layers 

Here we integrate actual pictures of each gaming message in your market and make it all available via Google Earth.  Each casino in your region can be 'turned on or off' to show exactly what message your competition has in each location.  Noticing that your player activity is dropping in a particular market?  Just click on the competitive billboards in that area and use technology to provide a quick advantage. 

Additionally we provide Google Earth layers which map the various media options in your area showcasing their markets and general range.  Now it is simple to not only map players that attended a concert or event at your casino, but also overlay and highlight which radio stations ran your promotional ad.  It delivers a compelling visual and helps to explain the success of the event to any audience.

Direct Excel Export Link to Google Earth 

We have recently integrated software into ClearVoyance allowing your Excel spreadsheet data to be instantly exported directly into Google Earth.  This powerful application provides a quick and easy way to evaluate different time period results and make accurate, actionable decisions.

Our software is customized to fit your spreadsheet data layout and exact needs, not ours.